Meet the New “Basecamp” Park Model!

Monday January 23, 2023

The design of our Altitude Parks is extremely important to delivering a top-tier guest experience, which in turn drives the business success of our franchise owners. In our continuous efforts to develop indoor parks that meet the demands of the market and fit within the desired real estate site, we are proud to introduce the latest and greatest “Basecamp” model.
Below is everything you need to know about how “Basecamp” will take the Altitude experience to the next level.

Labor & Safety Conscience Design

The health and safety of our guests and team members is Altitude’s number one priority. With the streamlined and efficient design of the “Basecamp” model, sightlines are improved to the benefit of parents and park employees, both of whom keep a watchful eye on kids playing. Not only can parents feel confident in knowing they can check up on their kids, the added security means employees can now communicate more openly throughout various areas of the park. The activities are also designed to take up less space to reduce labor costs for our owners.

Higher Capacity and Return Visit Attractions

Altitude maintains a strong focus on fully utilizing all areas of the park and creating new experiences for guests to increase the frequency of return visits. To encourage this, the “Basecamp” model contains attractions that are exciting and exclusive to our brand. This includes an attraction called The Floor is Lava which imitates a childhood classic, simulated golf, and AR-compatible offerings like Multi Ball. Our stimulating attractions keep families coming back to experience it again, encouraging repeat guests!

Augmented Reality Elements

The future of indoor entertainment franchises will involve more technologically driven attractions. While VR had a surge in popularity a few years ago, augmented reality elements are taking over across the globe. AR is less virtual, but users of these types of attractions are more in contact with the real world, which we want to encourage among today’s youth. ValoJump is a trampoline-based interactive game platform that creates an immersive digital experience for the user and this can be found in select Altitude locations. Guests who play with this attraction can compete to jump and catch a ball, explore new superpowers and record their performance and play it back. This type of attraction combines digital storytelling with physical movements and allows kids to improve their balance and coordination. At the core of Altitude’s mission, we want to provide kids and families a space for active family fun and our technologically advanced attractions offer just that.
We are thrilled to begin rolling out our first round of “Basecamp” park models as new franchise owners sign on to build parks in their communities. Designed for markets of any size, Altitude’s “Basecamp” model provides our owners with great core Altitude attractions giving them the ability to be the “Walt Disney” of their community. Interested in starting a conversation with a member of our development team to learn more about our franchise investment opportunity? Fill out our inquiry form to begin the process.