Altitude Owners Franchising with their Better Half

Wednesday March 1, 2023

Going into business with your better half can provide an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity that allows you and your partner to work together towards the same goal. In fact, the Altitude franchise system has many “couplepreneurs” that have found that their personal partnership translated well into business ownership. Curious to know how our married Altitude franchisees make their business relationship successful? Check out their stories below!

Nurture Positive Business Partnership Habits

Once a couple decides to start a franchise business together, they can benefit greatly from ongoing practices that aid them in maintaining a successful venture and personal relationship. While each married couple going into business together will have a different perspective, these habits can be applied to all business partners.
Focusing on communication, collaboration and coordination allows business partners to maintain an open dialogue. Being able to openly express goals, needs, and concerns is crucial to growth, which is why we recommend a couple is on the same page from the beginning. It’s important to set and discuss clearly defined and measurable goals on a regular basis to best fit the trajectory of the franchise location. One final piece of advice is to be honest and transparent with one another. A fruitful partnership relying on trust and candid conversations with your partner will only strengthen your management of the business.

Altitude Franchise Owners & Couples

One particular Altitude couple who made their dreams of business ownership a reality are John and Jo Perry in Richardson, Texas. The pair opened their Altitude park in 2016 and continue to run their park together to this day. As owner-operators of their park, the Perrys say being able to adapt quickly is a huge asset to their operations. Jo and John love that they are able to provide an active option for kids in their community, one where they can meet new friends and exercise all at once.
Couplepreneurs Brandon and Kenda Gadish are high-performing multi-unit operators that opened a park in Spokane, Washington and recently took over ownership of the Nashville, Texas location. The Gadish’s exemplify what it means to be outstanding Altitude owners and their hard work earned them a myriad of awards including “Top Membership Revenue” and “All-Star Franchisee of the Year.” The couple’s giveback initiatives have made them and their business an invaluable asset to the community. This year alone, Brandon and Kenda worked closely to collect donations on behalf of Vanessa Behan, a local nonprofit center focused on providing safety for children and strengthening families through healthy habits. The Gadish’s also recently held a toy and clothing drive at their park in Spokane to help support a local family in need. The couple’s dedication to setting the standard for guest experience in our parks is clear and we can’t wait to see what else they accomplish in 2023 and beyond.
Having a positive business partnership with your significant other can be very rewarding! It’s a unique, support-driven relationship that can foster creativity and personal growth for owners, giving them the ability to be the “Walt Disney” of their local community. Have you discussed the possibility of buying an active entertainment franchise with your partner? If you’re interested in learning more, fill out our inquiry form to begin the process.