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Safety Video

Safety is our top priority here at Altitude. To enjoy the full experience, watch our quick video orientation on safety in our park:


Tips for an easy check in:

-Watch our Safety Video prior to arrival to become familiar with our rules so you can come ready to jump!

-Fill out a waiver ahead of time!

In order to save time when you arrive, fill out and sign your liability waiver in advance. Waivers can ONLY be filled out by an adult 18-years or older. All jumpers 17-years old and younger MUST have a parent or guardian fill out their waiver.

First time Jumpers must bring in a valid form of identification to verify their waiver. For those 17-years and younger the parent or guardian that filled out their waiver must be present to verify their waiver with a photo ID in order to jump. (After a waiver has been verified with a photo ID, 17 years and younger do not need a parent or guardian to be present until the waiver expires in one year.)

Guest Code of Conduct

This is a family-friendly park. Failure to comply with the Park Rules and/or Code of Conduct could result in removal and/or banishment from the park.


  • Bullying
  • Name Calling
  • Swearing
  • Racial Slurs or Discriminatory Comments
  • Inappropriate Language or Gestures
  • Fighting or Disorderly Conduct
  • Mistreatment of Our Staff or Guests
  • Line Jumping
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Tobacco, E-cigarette or Vape Use

This park is monitored by video surveillance for the safety and security of all guests and employees. Failure to comply with the Park Rules and/or Code of Conduct could result in removal and/or banishment from the park.

Your Safety Matters

At Altitude, your safety matters! Our team is dedicated to creating the safest and more enjoyable indoor adventure park possible. Our safety rules, in addition to our safety video and park regulations, provide important information needed to ensure a safe and fun-filled visit.

To ensure jump sessions are safe for everyone, we ask that all guests watch the safety video, review the rules, and sign a waiver. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

C3 Health and Sanitization Precautions

Cleanliness and safety are the most essential elements of a fun park experience. At Altitude, we’ve always prioritized our guests’ safety and well-being. With the coronavirus pandemic, though, we’ve stepped up our sanitization practices through a revolutionary cleanliness certification program called C3 (Caring through Cleanliness and Certification). Learn more about C3

Safety Equipment

All Altitude Trampoline Park equipment was designed, manufactured, and constructed to provide maximum safety for our jumpers.

Soft Trampoline Walls

Classic trampolines opened up jumpers to the risks of falling onto the ground and frequently caused injuries. Altitude trampolines are surrounded with rigid-yet-soft, 7-foot-high trampoline walls. They’re strong enough that jumpers can bounce right off them and back onto the trampoline floor!

Safety Netting

Where the soft, 7-ft-high trampoline walls end, safety netting continues for a distance high enough to contain all jumpers. The safety netting can withstand up to 150 lbs per square inch.


Our trampolines have no gaps to fall through, and there are no exposed springs. All steel and springs are covered by inches of the highest quality padding.

Crowd Control

We have implemented crowd control measures that limit the capacity of guests in the park. NOTE: Please reserve your jump pass online to secure your timeslot.

boys playing dodgeball
Foam Pit

Our Foam Pit contains soft foam over a trampoline floor. Court monitors are present at all times to ensure that jumpers follow our safety rules. Diving headfirst into the Foam Pit is strictly prohibited. Plan your landings.


Our staff performs regular inspections to ensure all components of our trampolines and equipment are in proper working order.

Who can Jump?

  • Every jumper must first provide a valid/signed Altitude Trampoline Park waiver.
  • Jumpers under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted on the trampolines.
  • Please do not jump if you’re pregnant or have other health limitations.

Trained Staff

Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

We’re extremely proud of our staff at Altitude Trampoline Park - Gilbert. Every employee is dedicated to your safety and to providing professional customer service and attention.

You’ll find there’s much more to our staff than friendly faces. An ability to enforce our safety rules is a prerequisite to employment. Every candidate is screened for qualities and experience we feel will contribute to the safety of our customers.

Registering to jump
Comprehensive Training

Court monitors are the lifeguards of our trampoline park. They undergo classroom-style education, video presentations, group discussions, and emergency safety drills.

Court safety monitor

Our entire management team is CPR certified.

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Routine Safety Reviews

We are committed to the safety of our guests and go above and beyond industry standards to make sure that our park is safe. We hold routine meetings with our team members to review best safety practices and procedures to ensure each of our guests has an enjoyable experience.

Dos and Don’ts of Staying Safe at Altitude


  • Wear the valid-colored wristband at all times during jumping.
  • Jump within your ability
  • Keep control of your body at all times.
  • Jump and land on two feet and never jump or land on the padding. Never land on your head.
  • Bounce and flip off the sidewalls, but land on the first sidewall-adjoining trampoline.
  • Refrain from bringing glass, balls, phones, cameras, or other objects or equipment on the trampolines.
  • Follow these rules and any additional rules posted onsite for featured areas of the park.
  • Adhere to the directions of court monitors and other park staff at all times.


  • Wear street shoes; only Altitude Safety Socks are allowed on the trampolines.
  • Bring food or drink on the trampolines.
  • Allow more than one person per jumping surface; no double-bouncing.
  • Sit or lie down on the trampolines. Exit the trampolines if you need to rest.
  • Push, wrestle, tackle, run, race, play tag, or engage in horseplay.
  • Engage in any spitting or profanity.
  • Touch, climb, lean, or hang on to any of the top pads or netting inside the trampoline areas.
  • Perform double flips or flips or tricks over the pads. Single flips are permitted but no more than 2 in a row.
  • Wear belt buckles, clothing studs, jewelry, key chains, or sharp objects on the trampolines.
  • Have anything in your mouth (gum, candy, etc.) or pockets while on the trampolines.

Disclaimer: Trampolining is an inherently dangerous activity. Jump at your own risk.

Certified Clean c3 logo

Certified Clean

When you are ready to come jump, rest assured that our Certified Clean program and audits will make the park clean and safe for the whole family!