Trampoline Park Industry Trends
and Insights for 2024

Trampoline Park Industry Trends and Insights for 2024

For entrepreneurs contemplating a foray into the dynamic and exciting world of trampoline parks, understanding the current trends and market insights is crucial. The trampoline park industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and it’s poised for further expansion. Get the latest scoop on essential statistics of the trampoline park market and delve into the key trends shaping the industry.

Vital Trampoline Park Statistics

According to market analysis company, as of 2022, the global trampoline park market reached an impressive $837.8 million, demonstrating the robust demand for this form of entertainment. North America, a key player in this market, contributed a substantial $354.3 million to this global figure. This region's significant share underlines the popularity of trampoline parks in the American market.
Looking ahead, the industry is not showing signs of slowing down. Experts project that the market will grow at a rate of 15.6% CAGR, reaching a staggering $357 billion by 2032. This forecast indicates a bright and profitable future for entrepreneurs considering investing in a trampoline park franchise.

Emerging Trends

Several key trends are currently shaping the trampoline park industry, each offering unique opportunities for growth and innovation:
  • Increased attention to safety: As trampoline parks gain popularity, there's a heightened focus on safety measures. This includes using advanced equipment, providing comprehensive staff training, and adhering to strict safety protocols to ensure a secure environment for all visitors.
  • Diverse customer base: While trampoline parks have traditionally been popular among children, there’s a growing number of teens and adults frequenting these facilities. This shift is expanding the market and creating new opportunities for targeted marketing and specialized offerings.
  • Trampoline-based exercise and rebound therapy: An increasing number of customers are interested in trampoline-based exercise and rebound therapy, recognizing the health benefits of this fun and effective form of physical activity. This trend is opening avenues for specialized fitness classes and therapeutic sessions in trampoline parks.
  • Online booking for activities: The convenience of online booking is becoming increasingly important for customers. Trampoline parks are adapting by offering efficient online reservation systems, making it easier for visitors to plan their visits and book specific activities in advance.
  • Themed events: There’s a growing interest in hosting themed events at indoor entertainment facilities. This includes birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and themed jump nights, providing fun experiences that attract repeat customers.
  • Fundraising for nonprofits and charities: Trampoline parks are increasingly being used as venues for fundraising events. These events not only provide a fun and engaging way to support good causes but also increase the visibility and community engagement of the trampoline park.
  • Company teambuilding events: More companies are turning to trampoline parks for teambuilding events. These activities offer a unique blend of fun and teamwork, making them an attractive option for corporate outings and team-building exercises.
The trampoline park industry is a rapidly growing segment of the entertainment market, offering vast opportunities for entrepreneurs. With its significant market value, projected growth, and evolving trends, investing in a trampoline park franchise could be a smart move for those looking to enter a fun and potentially profitable industry. Aspiring franchise owners should pay close attention to the market trends and statistics so they can make informed decisions and capitalize on the opportunities this vibrant industry presents.

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