Trampoline Park Equipment:
Buyers Guide Checklist

Trampoline Park Equipment: Buyers Guide Checklist

Are you interested in owning a trampoline park, but you don’t want to just “jump” into opening the business? Before you do, it’s important to understand the costs and equipment that come along with owning a trampoline park franchise. Your business can be a hub for fun and fitness for your community and be a lucrative venture. In fact, according to recent data from IBISWorld, trampoline parks in the U.S. are estimated to have $750 million in revenue in 2024. But because it’s such a unique business, some owners don’t know where to begin. Let’s hop into some of the equipment you’ll need to consider having for a trampoline park business. 

Sourcing Trampoline Park Equipment

It’s essential to own and utilize safe equipment able to withstand commercial use. This means it’s likely not wise to go to a random store and select a trampoline off the shelf. Trusted manufacturers ensure high-quality equipment, adhering to the highest safety standards. Look for manufacturers that specialize in commercial trampoline equipment and can provide testimonials or case studies from existing trampoline parks. To help with this, partnering with a franchise like Altitude Trampoline Park can be beneficial. We have our own trampoline park manufacturers we trust and use at many locations. A franchise helps its franchisees with site development, infrastructure, and acquiring supplies. Using your franchise’s suggested retailers cuts down on the second-guessing of equipment because you know it works; it’s been implemented and used across the country and is tested and assured. 

The Advantage of a Franchise

Starting a business from scratch can be very overwhelming and puts a lot of pressure on the owner to handle everything. When you start from scratch, you’re handling everything from marketing to payroll.  However, investing in a franchise can offer many benefits and advantages. Franchises like Altitude Trampoline Park provide comprehensive support, from sourcing high-quality trampoline park equipment for sale to selecting the perfect location. Partnering with a franchise means gaining access to a proven business model, brand recognition, and ongoing support.

Essential Trampoline Park Equipment

When it comes to trampoline park equipment, quality and safety are top priorities. When your customers can have fun while being safe, everyone has a great time. As with other businesses that see many patrons come through their doors each day, trampoline parks must use equipment able to withstand heavy use. Commercial trampoline equipment is designed for constant use while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your guests. Most trampoline parks will need this basic equipment:
  1. Trampolines: You can’t have a trampoline park without trampolines. These are the heart of your park and can vary in size and structure.
  2. Interactive elements: People come for the trampolines but also want to enjoy other elements of your business when resting or taking a break from jumping. These can include games such as basketball hoops, obstacle courses, foam pits, and more to diversify the fun.
  3. Safety gear: Again, safety is a top priority. It’s imperative to have the appropriate safety gear including nets, padding, and harnesses to create a safe, fun environment.
  4. Other amenities: If you really want to pump up the fun, having extra spaces like party rooms, snack bars, and seating areas can enhance the guest experience and create an option for additional revenue streams. To fill these out, you’ll need chairs, tables, and other entertainment equipment.

Equipment Cost Expectations

The equipment in your trampoline park is likely one of the most significant costs in your future business. The equipment cost can vary widely depending on the size of your park and the variety of activities you plan to offer. At Altitude Trampoline Park, the initial investment for the entire business (including equipment and other costs) can range from $1.6 million to $2.7 million. 

Reach Great Heights with Altitude Trampoline Park

Opening a trampoline park is more than just a business investment; it's an opportunity to facilitate a place of fun, health, and community in your area. At Altitude, we’re where fun and fitness meet.
We’re committed to helping you find success every step of the way. We take great pride in offering our franchise owners extensive support, including training, real estate, financing, design and construction, as well as marketing and communications resources. As a franchisee of Altitude, you'll gain entry to our exclusive network of preferred vendors, enhancing your operations in areas such as concessions, apparel, and other sales avenues.
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