Franchises for Kids:
Choosing the Best Children's Franchise for You

Franchises for Kids: Choosing the Best Children's Franchise for You

A Lending Tree survey of U.S. parents found that the average spend on a child’s extracurricular activities was $731 in a year. That might not seem like much when it comes to sports, but that can go a long way with a franchise like Altitude Trampoline Park. The market for franchises for kids is significant, and considering an opportunity in this sector is a smart move for someone looking to become an entrepreneur or expand their current business portfolio. 

What Is a Children’s Franchise?

Franchises for kids come in many varieties, ranging from active to educational. If you’ve been looking into franchise opportunities for young people, you have likely come across some of these options:
  • Kids’ activity franchises 
  • Kids’ clothing franchises
  • Kids’ art franchises
  • Kids’ sports and recreation franchises
  • Kids’ haircutting franchises
  • Children’s educational franchises
  • Children’s retail franchises
Some franchises for kids, like Altitude Trampoline Park, fit into several categories including recreation, adventure parks, and entertainment centers. We could be a kids’ fitness franchise as easily as a child entertainment franchise!

Factors to Consider with Kids Franchise Opportunities

When you know you want to be part of a children’s franchise, there are some questions you can ask to help narrow down your options:
  • Flexibility. Do you want to be the owner-operator, or would you like the business to run while you’re on vacation?
  • Location. Are you looking to stay at home, or do you want to keep your home for your family and have an out-of-home location?
  • Commitment. Do you prefer a short-term commitment (i.e., a few months), or do you want to build a year-round business?
  • Values. Do you want to provide a helpful service (i.e., children’s hairstyling), or do you want to help contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle (i.e., adventure park)?
The best franchise for you is the one that makes you excited about owning it and has a business model that best suits your goals.

Exploring Altitude Trampoline Park: Franchises for Kids

We can’t speak to what other franchises offer, but we can show you what Altitude provides as a proven business model.

An Expanded Customer Base

In addition to welcoming children and families through regular admission, we also provide special events that take the stress off of parents. We host birthday parties, holiday events, sensory play days, team sports celebrations, and youth group get-togethers.
But kids aren’t our only customers – we serve adults too. Some of the most memorable corporate activities have been held at Altitude for fun and relaxing team-building exercises that make work seem like child’s play.

No Weather Woes

A huge part of our franchise success is because we are not impacted by the weather. Unlike outdoor sports, an active workout can happen any day. Rain, snow, heat – nothing stops the fun at Altitude Trampoline Park. 

Financially Accessible

CNBC has reported that 59% of families experience financial strain from entering their children into sports programs. At Altitude, we offer an affordable way for kids to be healthy and active in a safe environment. Our business grows as children grow – you’re not stuck to a certain age group or activity level. It’s a fun place that can work for everyone.

Year-Round Revenue Streams

Altitude franchise owners enjoy multiple revenue streams. We offer general admission and memberships. We have party rooms to host events, and the entire facility can be rented out for private functions. Non-profit organizations can work with us to host fundraisers and corporate outings, allowing employees to experience new heights – at work and on the trampolines! Finally, our gift cards are also the very best gift at any time of year.

What to Know About Altitude

Altitude has secured expert trampoline park suppliers to be part of our franchise team, and we carry that standard of excellence through to our business operations. From the point-of-sale system to the full complement of marketing and online services, the franchise package meets every aspect of business ownership in a smart and impactful way. 
We are also passionately dedicated to providing thorough training programs for park operations and business operations, and we are always available to help. From safety to management, we cover every aspect of the business so you’re confident bringing this trampoline park franchise to your community.

Explore This Franchise

If you’re ready to own a franchise that makes a difference in the lives of children and their families, and that has far-reaching impacts across the community, you’re ready to talk about joining the Altitude Trampoline Park family. Fill out ourinformation formtoday and let’s chat.