Daycare Franchise vs. Active Play Franchise:
How to Decide

Daycare Franchise vs. Active Play Franchise: How to Decide

As a potential franchisee, you want to invest in a business that is both profitable and makes a positive impact. And there are a variety of franchises that can accomplish this, such as a daycare franchise. But choosing the right brand for you is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed; it takes careful consideration. Learn what makes buying a daycare franchise appealing, the requirements for owning one, and an alternative children’s franchise, that might suit you better. 

Why Daycares are Appealing to Owners

A daycare can be a worthwhile investment. It often serves a need in many communities, namely providing parents who work with a safe, secure place to care for their kids during regular work hours. Market research company Gitnux reported in May 2024 that over 70% of children in two-parent households have two working parents. But parents want more than just a place to babysit their children; they want a center where kids get quality development opportunities. Opening a daycare center gives business owners the chance to provide children with an enriching social environment to grow and develop. 
An opportunity to foster personal growth in the next generation while running a successful business is a worthwhile endeavor. However, there are challenges to overcome and requirements to meet when operating a daycare. 

Starting and Running a Daycare 

To start your own daycare, you need to be prepared for the investment of time, effort, and money it demands. Child care management software company Procare Solutions said in a November 2023 report a daycare franchise can range in cost from $59,000 to around $3 million; factors include the size of the operation, buying/leasing locations, and equipment needs. You also need to make sure to have all the necessary licenses; your state Department of Child and Family Services will have more information on the licenses and regulations you need to meet as a daycare center. 
A daycare needs a well-organized schedule to make sure the kids in your care get the most out of their experience with you. You need to curate a schedule with a variety of stimulating, age-appropriate activities. As a daycare, you may have children under your supervision ranging from infants to preschoolers; good activities to provide them include story time, group play, outdoor play, sensory and art activities, naps, snack times and meals, and early table learning. A well-trained staff that’s good with kids and knows how to teach and care for them is indispensable in properly running a daycare. 

Active Play as an Alternative

While a daycare center can be a profitable and rewarding business, the challenges are important to keep in mind. You may want to consider an alternative, such as opening an active play franchise like an Altitude trampoline park. A franchise like Altitude allows you to meet similar needs in your community while having less strict requirements to meet.  
While an active play franchise like Altitude still needs to meet safety and health standards, the target age demographic is a bit older, usually school age kids and up; this means you don’t have to worry about the safety and welfare needs of infants and toddlers. Your focus is on providing an overall safe environment, rather than needing to provide constant direct supervision for all kids at all times. 
An active play franchise like Altitude also allows you to provide a much-needed service for your local community, similar to a daycare center. While a daycare provides parents with a safe place to let their kids spend the day while they work, an active play franchise provides a place for parents to bring their kids for fun and family bonding. You’ll also provide families with a place to take part in an active lifestyle, promoting physical fitness. Finally, active play franchises like Altitude have a wide customer base with multiple revenue streams. Anyone from school age kids to teens to adults can participate, and you can provide multiple services like concessions, event hosting, and merchandise.

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