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We believe in family fun. We believe in celebrating life’s moments together. We believe in combining activity and an energetic spirit for friends and family to experience. Where social connectivity, activity and celebration give way to joy, exhilaration, growth and wellness.
We believe there’s always an opportunity to experience play…another wall to climb, another game of dodgeball, another hoop to shoot, another day to fly on the trapeze or wipe out with friends. Our global presence allows friends and families to share in the experience and enjoy playfulness in many different countries around the world in hopes to make the world a happier place!
We believe in celebrating play and accomplishments and the emotions felt as you experience freeplay the Altitude way!
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As a brand whose customers are children and families, it’s our focus to enhance the well-being and lives of those in our local communities. The ability to be free and laugh and be playful. Freeplay is a term used by experts to define totally uninhibited freedom to express, learn, socialize and be active. Freeplay is what children need to develop properly and is a natural benefit of playing at Altitude!
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Jump Life!
Living The Jump Life!℠ at Altitude unites like-minded people…people who are active and play freely. It’s about community and connection…a society of free players! Jump Life!℠ is our emotional declaration of how we live our lives ~ a state of mind for those that embrace fun and happiness and freedom.
We celebrate and call-out to all those that want to enjoy activity through jumping and playing. Those that want to experience happiness with friends and family. Something intangible that unapologetically connects us in our ongoing lives of experiencing play and happiness.
The quest for true happiness is not a quest, but a choice…a choice that leads to the full experience of freeplay at Altitude!
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